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HEYARLO is an instrumental indie-jazz group based out of Minneapolis, MN. The group is fronted by DeCarlo Jackson on Flugelhorn and supported by Megan Mahoney on Bass, Evan Slack on Guitar, Sam Rosenstone on Keys and Rick Haneman on drums. Each member is very active in the Twin Cities music scene and can be seen and heard playing with notable groups such as Hippo Campus, Sid Sriram, Lissie, Boyish, Honeybutter and more.



"HEYARLO is a group of talented artists with careers already launched separately. They come together with a sophisticated, rich sound. Their latest single, “Chanting & Gossip,” lives up to the band’s self-proclaimed mix of soul, funk, hip-hop, and jazz."
-NT (The Current)

"I expect new projects to often sound overly ambitious at their first couple stabs at studio recording. There’s a desire to impress each other, a desire to make it count cause who knows how long the project will last. I hear the opposite in HeyArlo. With two songs released the band sounds comfortable creating and solving small problems for themselves. They lay out a groove, find the borders of it and offer up a story within the groove. The effect of HeyArlo is measured, gorgeous and memorable. Drop an extra star on Evan Slack for his softly auto-wah pyrotechnic solo that still stays true to the overall texture of the groove. This week’s single is “Chanting & Gossip."
- Sean McPherson (Jazz 88)





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