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DeCarlo Jackson, Andrew Bocher and Rick Haneman met in 2015 and connected over their mutual interests involving music and art. In 2018, the group added bassist Megan Mahoney and “Arlo” was formed. Using original compositions, Arlo elevates any public or private social setting into an intimate experience for each listener. Because of their diverse musical interests and collaborative compositional approach , traces of soul, funk, hip-hop, and jazz can all be heard in their music.
DeCarlo Jackson is known for his work with Hippo Campus and many other Twin Cities-based groups. Our keyboardist Andrew Bocher can be heard accompanying dance classes around the cities, especially at TU Dance and the University of Minnesota. Megan Mahoney is an established local bassist and currently tours and plays bass with singer/songwriter Lissie. Rick Haneman is known for his work as a private instructor and as a music educator at The Blake School.
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